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Laser Hair Removal Training

Laser Hair Removal Training is offered by individually owned and operated training facilities. All clinics have state-of-the-art centers offering world class education in laser and light-based hair removal technologies.

Depending on the individual student's needs, and the training centers criteria, laser hair removal training can range from a single day to a week long program. The classes will provide physicians, nurses, medical assistants, electrologists and aestheticians with a thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical views. All instructors have extensive teaching experience and have lectured on laser technology throughout the world. If you are in need of laser hair removal training please fill out the contact us form or call our toll free numbers.

If you are looking for information on laser hair removal procedures please go here to read more about laser hair removal. This website is dedicated to information about laser hair removal.

Training Includes

  • Basic hair biology and growth cycles

  • Types of medical hair removal lasers

  • Laser parameters (wavelength, chromophore, pulse duration, repetition rate, spot size, energy setting, pre & post skincare) and their effect upon results

  • Basic laser physics and laser tissue interaction

  • Skin typing and smoke evacuation concerns

  • Contraindications to treatment

  • Laser safety issues for the patient and operator

  • Marketing your laser business for success

  • Integrating the internet into your practice with immediate results


Laser Hair Removal Training

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