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Medical Laser Safety Training

Medical Laser Safety Training is one of the most important factors involved in the laser training process.  One of the largest reasons why laser training schools have been developed for interested individuals is to teach laser safety.  When observing a laser procedure, many believe it to be a very simple treatment to perform—all you have to do is point and shoot—unfortunately it’s much more involved.  There are many factors involved in the laser process that allow experienced technicians to deliver safe, effective treatments that get clients positive results; this is what we want to teach you.

The number one concern when discussing Medical Laser Safety Training is the interaction between the laser and the patients’ skin.  Non-invasive aesthetic lasers work on the principal of selective photothermolysis—this describes how the laser light is attracted to pigment.  For laser hair removal procedures, the laser is attracted to the pigment found in the hair follicles, for brown spot/age spot removal and other skin rejuvenation procedures, the laser is attracted to the pigment within the skin.  For vein removal treatments, the laser is attracted to the pigment in the veins. It is important to know that while hair, age spots and veins all contain pigment, your skin contains pigment as well.  The melanin or pigment in your skin is what gives it its tone and color.  In order for any of these treatments to be effective, there must be a difference between the pigment in your skin and the pigment the laser light is treating.  If the laser parameters are set incorrectly, the laser energy could not only unsuccessfully treat the ailment, but it could negatively affect the skin as well.

Improper laser use can result in several side effects including burning, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.  Hyper- and hypo-pigmentation fortunately are not permanent side effects, but bad burns could lead to scarring or even infection.  This is why we believe that Medical Laser Safety Training is so important.  There is much more to aesthetic treatments than just pointing and shooting the laser; interested individuals can learn about all of this and more at any one of our certified laser training programs.  For more information, contact any of our reputable training centers today.



Medical Laser Safety Training

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